April 14

Artistic Decisions and the Flow of Energy


Indecision stops the flow of creative energy and prevents an artist’s vision from taking shape. It fills us with low-order ideas and points us in numerous unproductive directions.

Fear causes indecision and paralyzes us from moving forward. It prevents us from committing to specific ideas and making efforts in certain directions. Fear leads to second-guessing, doubts about our abilities, undermines our desire for creative expression.

The creative clog in our minds caused by indecision and fear eventually overflows and becomes a dispersal of creative thought that wastes good ideas and motivations in solid artistic directions.

Challenging artistic creations that have a daring edge to them can sometimes shock us and cause us to hesitate from bringing them to completion. Fear of transmitting this shocking effect to others and the way we imagine their resultant opinions about our new ideas, which could be our best work is another form of artistic indecision, which stems from the fear of hurting or offending others with ideas, manners, or through the violation of a societal norm.


Decision opens our mental valves to allow the flow of creativity to fill our works of art. To maintain a steady flow of creative energy you’ll have to constantly be making decisions that will help you progress through each project.

Little decisions can be made almost instantaneously, while big decisions will have to be carefully formed over a period of time. For the sake of actually achieving your artistic vision, postponing the project may be a valid option to prevent a big decision from being made hastily since this can bring everything we’ve worked on to ruin.

In music, decisions must be made regarding the shape of a melodic line, the number of instruments to be used, and the arrangement of the parts. In cooking, the decisions will focus on the type of ingredients, their proportions, and the visual presentation. In illustration, the colors, type of paper, and subject will have to be decided upon before and during the entire process until the project is complete. In every creative field, the artist or designer must be able to operate by making a consistent stream of decisions without end or hesitation.

Openness of Mind

A cloud of unknowing can be filled with innumerable factors related to the realization of our artistic vision, such as doubt and fear, which can prevent a decision from getting made. This is why a Zen-like attitude about creative work must be cultivated in every one of us, so as to keep our artistic energy in a constant state of flow.

Living itself can have an artistic quality to it if the person doing it approaches life with a signature, personalized style.
With an openness of mind that doesn’t attempt to regulate the flow of artistic energy, it becomes easier to assess all the factors which must be considered for inclusion or removal from any one of our works.

A mindset that doesn’t take into account the critical opinions of others finds that it is much smoother to sift through the elements of a piece so that they coalesce naturally into the artistic structure we were seeking or not seeking, but surprised us by evolving out of the process.

The more the decision-making process takes on the characteristic of a smooth flowing stream of artistic expression unregulated by social conventions, the doubt and fear will dissipate and the power of choice will operate naturally and with ease.

When the artist is able to assume an openness of mind the speed of artistic creation will accelerate and bring them quickly to the completion of every project. The fulfillment of your creative vision will simply flow and always be readily available.

So when the final pieces of a creative puzzle fall into place, and what was once a cloud of uncertainty encircling you, dissipates, and solidifies into a tangible product, the flow of living energy from you will slow and once again return to a restful state. From this point of rest you will be free to refresh yourself in other activities or begin again to follow the course of new art work.

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April 4

Art For All to Enjoy

ae9I think sometimes we people in the arts take ourselves way too seriously, sometimes we think way too highly of ourselves. Yes we’re creating something, yes we can do great things with God’s guidance and help. And always with his help. Some of us leave out God altogether, some of us think we’re smarter than God, heck some of us even say we created God and not the other way around. Whatever, but anyway.

And yes, the world is a better place because of art. But that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like what we do, what we profess to be ‘art’. That doesn’t mean that we should expect everyone to applaud our efforts. Sometimes a fair amount of crap passes as art, because it is different, because it challenges industry standards and in some way disturbs the mind. But there should always be a standard, there must always be form and substance. If not, then it’s just a lifeless disaster, a blob of mess, not art, be it in whatever format.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that we are better than anyone else because we are artistically inclined. It just means we see things differently, and different isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just different.

If the people who call themselves artists wish to be accepted and respected for who they are and what they produce, then they must humble themselves and think like the average citizen. Because we all NEED each other, each one of us.

If not, then an artist is nothing more than an aristocratic snob and what good is that to anyone?

I’m not trying to insult anyone here, I just often find myself in conversations with artistically inclined people, and when certain names are mentioned as if to lend credibility to their story, and if by chance I don’t know those names, then it’s almost as if I’m not on their level. Which is so funny and childish, because we all came to do what we do via different paths.

The thing about art, like everything else in life, is that it’s all a matter of opinion.

Someone reading this might think I’m a myopic, ignorant fool.

I do know I’m not a fan of abstract art, nor death metal music, and I’m not into the ballet. But that doesn’t mean I can go to show once in a while and appreciate what I see on the stage.

But that’s just me, that’s my humble opinion.

Art is made for all to enjoy. Not just a few. And understanding art doesn’t make you smarter than anyone else.

Art, in all its’ various forms and fashion is for the people.

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March 30

Why Everyone Loves Twisted Balloons

ae8OK, come on, just admit it. Everyone loves balloons. Kids love them. Adults love them. You love them too, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, right? Some people love balloons openly and passionately while others love them deep down, but bring a balloon artist into the picture, hand adults some balloon sculptures, and all of a sudden you have adults talking to their neighbor with their balloon character just like they did when they were eight years old. These little bubbles of joy have a tendency to bring out the kid in you.

It makes sense really. Think back on the parties and events you went to when you were a kid. What do you remember? If you’re like me it’s usually not much. What sticks with us are the things that made that time different, special, or more emotional than the rest of life’s experiences. Balloons were unique, fun, and something you didn’t experience day in and day out. When you did encounter them they were items of wonder and amazement, and they were a blast to play with. Even something as simple as a helium balloon was a prize to be treasured.

A balloon artist does more than just twist fun balloon creations. A balloon artist makes new positive memories that stick and brings back positive emotional associations from the past. That’s why balloon twisting at an event is so special. It’s a memory maker.

Twisted balloons come from fun people! At least they should. It takes a certain type of personality to want to twist balloon art for a living. These people are usually very creative, have a good sense of humor, and make the balloon twisting experience a memorable show in and of itself. They interact very well with both kids and adults and leave a lasting positive impression.

Twisted balloons are special. Kids will take their balloon art home with them and play with it until it either pops from wear or becomes deflated later from sheer age or loss of air. I have had an adult take a large flower sculpture home and keep it in a special place in her house for a month. Yes, it stayed inflated that long. I guarantee she will never forget that balloon.

People put a lot of planning, time, effort, and sometimes money into creating their special event. It is fun at the time but eventually as time goes by details fade and memories blur. People probably won’t remember the cake and they may not remember what games they played, but they will remember the balloons.

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March 21

Difference Between Mold Making and Casting

ae7Molds and casts have emerged as popular and accepted art forms for reproducing a sculpture, artwork or almost anything else. Indeed, using the basic techniques of mold making and casting, it is possible to recreate just about anything in its entirety. A variety of products and materials can be used based on the requirements and it is even possible to replicate the live human body. You can easily create a spitting image of a person’s face, hands or any other part you wish!

However, a layperson often gets confused between the two terms of mold making and casting. The following explanation will shed clarity on the methods and help you to understand them:

Mold making: A mold is nothing but a negative or reverse impression of an object or sculpture. It accurately captures the surface detail of the object right down to every fold and undercut.

Molds can be made with different materials such as clay, wax, plaster, moulage, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, thermoset mold rubber, liquid latex rubber and more. Plaster bandages yield rough form molds and are generally used to make supportive shell molds. Body molds are usually made with alginate as it is skin safe.

Similarly, there are various techniques of making a mold – ranging from simple to complex – depending on the type of object, mold making material being used as well as the proficiency of the artist. The techniques are divided into two basic categories – block mold and blanket mold. The material is usually poured or brushed on the object to form the mold. Injection and slush are other methods of making a mold.

Making a single part mold will suffice for simple shaped objects with a flat side, while objects with more complex shapes and undercuts require two part or even multi part molds. While most molds can be used multiple times, some such as alginate molds are single-use molds.

Casting: This is the subsequent step after the mold is ready. This is the actual method of reproducing identical copies of an object or sculpture. However, it requires a negative impression in the form of a mold to work on.

The casting material is usually poured into or onto the mold to form the final cast reproduction of the object. Depending on the type of mold, it is often possible to make multiple cast reproductions from the same mold.

Casting is open to a wide variety of materials such as plaster, gypsum, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, liquid latex rubber, urethane rubber, silicone rubber, molten metals and more. Alternatively, cold casting powders can be mixed with resin to duplicate the look and feel of real metal.

At times, the same type of material can be used for both mold making and casting – such as liquid latex or silicone rubber. However, it is important to note that the liquid latex or silicone rubber will be formulated differently to suit each application!

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March 12

The Psychology of Haunted Attractions

ae6Creating a haunted attraction isn’t just about profits. For a lot of haunt owners, a haunted attraction is a work of art. It’s an opportunity for self-expression. Many haunted attractions are immersive works of art with a spectrum of experiences for the senses. But there are psychological principals that haunt owners can incorporate into their works of art to make them even better for patrons. Because when it comes to haunted attractions, the details often go unnoticed.

When people get really scared, parts of the brain shut down. In a crisis situation, like when a person is attacked on the street for example, the victim may actually lose their eyesight temporarily, or they may go deaf very briefly. In an emergency, the brain will shut down sense information that isn’t useful. So, in a dim environment, a person may experience tunnel vision, or lessened vision due to trauma or fear. In a situation that doesn’t offer any auditory cues regarding a threat, like a really loud environment, a victim may simply “go deaf” and have no memory of auditory data during a fearful event. A person can practice martial arts or hand-to-hand combat to train themselves to react differently in these situations, but for ordinary people including those who are walking through haunted attractions, it’s unlikely that they’ll notice all the details put into haunted sets.

That doesn’t mean that haunt owners shouldn’t spend time creating cool environments. Flooding patrons with a lot of stimulation that targets all of the senses at once can have a decidedly hypnotic effect on people. This being the case, nudging patrons into an altered state of consciousness gives them a better bang for their buck, since their imaginations will do a lot of the work for haunt owners.

But if you’re going to play off the altered states of mind that your patrons are experiencing, be sure the you use sound effects in your haunt. Visual effects are important, but sound stimulates the brain in ways that our visual sense just can’t compete with. Sound effects encourage patrons to fill-in-the-blanks and make up storylines for the haunted attraction. To spend hours and hours on visuals only to leave out the all-important sound effects is truly a tragedy.

As you work to put together a spectacular haunted attraction, remember to use psychological principals to make the event even better for your patrons. Though you may view your work as an art project, the patron experience is more than likely an important facet of the overall experience for you. So as you build, take human consciousness into consideration.

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March 3

Hypnosis and Haunted Attractions

ae5Most people spend a fair amount of their lives in a trance state without ever realizing it. Being hypnotized is a common experience and in fact, a pleasurable one for most people. It’s a state of consciousness in which the brain is oscillating between 7-10 Hertz. Haunt owners can create more intense experiences by recognizing the fact that their patrons may be somewhat suggestible inside their haunted attraction. Many patrons naturally go into a trance first thing as they enter the haunt without ever realizing it.

There are ways to encourage people to go into trance without having to actively hypnotize them. For haunted attraction owners, encouraging trance can be as simple as overwhelming patrons with a lot of sensory stimuli. Patrons should see, hear, smell, and touch things that are unfamiliar to them all at once. This is an experience that’s easy to create in a haunted attraction, which is why most haunt owners can assume that a fairly high percentage of their patrons walk through their haunts in state of trance.

So, as a haunt owner, how can you use your patron’s suggestible state of mind to your advantage to create a more immersive experience? Sound effects are a good start. Sound effects are, by themselves, suggestions. Patrons hear a wolf howling and they automatically imagine a wolf, even though there’s no wolf there. The sound effects are therefore a “suggestion” of what you want patrons to believe is there. Many haunt owners fail to realize the power of sound, particularly in dimly lit environments. With sound, a haunt owner can alter and enhance the way patrons experience their haunted house.

A patron who’s in a trance will believe in certain experiences that are only “suggested” more than a patron who’s not in a trance. For example, if you create a section of your haunt in which patrons move left down a corridor, then right down a corridor, left, then right, left then… what will patrons do? In their suggestible state, they’ll naturally turn right once you’ve entrained them on this pattern. Congratulations on making your patrons feel disoriented! Disorientation is a great haunted house emotion. Once they’re disoriented, you’ll have a much easier time scaring them.

Though you probably enjoy building sets for your haunted attraction, it’s important for haunt owners to take their patron’s psychological make-up into consideration as they design their haunt. Most haunted house patrons are in a trance and this is a state of mind that can work to enhance the experience of fear and fun if used properly.

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February 27

The Value of Magic for Connecting With People

ae4As a magician I have found the magician’s art to be an excellent tool to assist in developing rapport in many situations. Corporations, schools, motivational presenters and organizations that help people at risk, can enhance their ability to connect with their audience by including magic tricks as they present their message.

Many magicians specialize in children’s shows, for which the demand is very high. Many just present shows as entertainment, however, the potential for including life lessons within the presentation is huge and provides a vehicle for the magician that wants to make a difference to the lives of the young, at an age that they are shaped a great deal by their experiences and those that make an impression on them.

There are numerous magicians that specialize in this type of show and they are always in demand. If this is a format that you wish to pursue, develop a message and develop a show that uses effects that pertain to and illustrate the life lesson that you want to convey. The underlying message must be simple, clear and easy to grasp. A show built around bullying is particularly sought after in this day and age of young adolescent bullying.

Corporate events tend to focus on attention getting effects that bring people to a location and hold their attention such that the corporate message can be put across and the organization’s sales and presentation staff can have an opportunity to connect with the members of the audience.

The better magicians that work this type of show, inject a way to present the product of the corporation into the effect and/or work effects that either obtain, or leave the spectator with, business cards; thus providing a means of networking that is most important to business development.

Closely related to the business format of magic show is that of the motivational speaker and corporate trainer. Most of these individuals utilize the techniques of persuasion and cognitive behavioral psychology, such as NLP, to present their message effectively.

There are many mentalist/magicians who claim the use of these tactics to achieve the outcomes of their effects. The reality is, however, that although they may appear to use these disciplines within their performances and may use them a little, they still use the techniques of the magician achieve their results. These methods can be used by the motivational speaker to enhance their presentations and even to induce a belief factor similar to that of a cult leader. In fact the majority of cult leaders use conjuring tricks to develop a belief, in their followers, that they have mystical powers endowed by a divine being, this includes the foundations of organized religions.

Youth workers and those that assist the poor and less fortunate are another group that can benefit from the inclusion of magic in their work. Magic tricks develop instant rapport and so can be used as an introductory technique to allow the social worker to obtain a measure of trust and obtain more information about the members of their audience so that they may assist them further.

There are numerous opportunities around the world for magicians to work either with other presenters and teachers or for them to develop their own niche in which they can provide beneficial messages and help to a wide range of people and organizations.

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February 17

Top 10 Amazing Libraries Of 2016

ae3For book lovers, libraries are the most wonderful places in the world. If you enjoy reading, you should never miss visiting the legendary reading areas that not only look wonderful but also house some rare collections of books from around the world.

#1 Admont Abbey Library, Austria

If you are religious, you will fall in love instantly with the Admont Abbey library in Austria, the largest monastery library. It was built in 1776 and it houses 70,000 volumes of monastery literature. When you look up at the ceiling, you will find numerous frescoes that depict human knowledge including Divine Revelation.

#2 The Royal Library of Copenhagen, Denmark

This library nicknamed as Black Diamond is the largest library found in the Nordic countries. Right from the first Danish book printed in 1482, this library holds almost all the books ever printed in Danish. Unlike conventional libraries, this is located at the waterside, allowing students to relax with a book in hand soaking up the sun.

#3 Trinity College Library, Ireland

This library of University of Dublin and Trinity College is the only library in Ireland called as copyright library. All books and periodicals that request copyright protection must send a copy of the publication to get copyrights. The most popular book of this library is the Book of Kells, created by the Celtic monks during the year 800.

#4 The Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Brazil

The Portuguese immigrants wanted to create a massive storehouse of books when they moved to Brazil and this resulted in the creation of the Royal Portuguese Reading Room. This library has the largest collection of Portuguese literature and it is not in Portugal. Built in 1837, this library features a limestone façade that was originally shipped from Lisbon.

#5 The National Library of China, China

The National Library of China, located in Beijing is the largest library in Asia. Apart from a massive collection of books that can impress research scholars, this library also has an amazing construction aimed at providing unobtrusive reading experience.

#6 Abbey Library of Saint Gall, Switzerland

One of the oldest monastery libraries in the world, the Abbey Library of Saint Gall is renowned as a World Heritage Site. This has more than 170,000 volumes of literature and pre-1900 books must be read on the site. Some of the books in this library were created in the 8th century.

#7 New York Public Library, New York

The New York Public Library system is actually a collection of 93 branches of libraries all over Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. The main branch on the fifth avenue has appeared in various movies. The amazingly lit reading corner has numerous books in the fields of computer science, law and much more.

#8 Strahov Monastery library, Czech Republic

If you want to read something on theology, you must go to the Strahov Monastery library which houses 3000 original manuscripts among its collection of 200,000 volumes.

#9 Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve, France

When it was constructed in 1850, this was one of the most modern constructions with unique architecture and iron piping. This elegant library is called as Temple of Knowledge and Space for Contemplation.

#10 Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Canada

As the name implies, this library is one of the largest collections of rare books and artifacts housed in one of the most modern architectural structure. This place has the Babylonia cuneiform tablet that dates back to 1789 BC. It also has the largest collection of works on labor movements.

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February 12

Essay A Walk in the Moonlit Light

ae2Approximately every poet of the world has described moon light in his poetry. Poets have written different rhymes on the beauty of moonlit light. It has a pet scene for the lover of arts including literature, artist, painter etc. It is one of the beautiful heavenly bodies. It adds beauty and splendor to the darkness of night. It shows that moonlit light is an integral part of the universe. Moonlit light looks like a lake of silver which exercises a peculiar fascination on our hearts and minds. Walk in a moonlit night has its own charm and beauty. It is really a refreshing and interesting experiences for us.

Walking in a moonlit night is pleasant and delightful. It releases our tensions and gives pleasure. It also elevate our spirits, brighten our souls and refresh our minds. We cannot enjoy the walk under the burning sun and at night since it is dark. The atmosphere remains calm and quiet during moonlit night which makes out walk peaceful. Moreover, the cool air, the cool and soothing beams of the moon, kisses every object of nature, present a charming sight. Walking in a moonlit light really feels thrilled and relieved. It also provides a sense of joy to everyone which creates freedom of mind, thoughts and meaningful ideas and we apply these meaningful ideas in our daily lives.

The moon covers the atmosphere of universe in its cool light. The plants and the trees present a charming sight in moonlit light. The peaceful atmospheres in countryside or distant landscapes also presents a beautiful sight. The moonlit night delights our hearts, souls and everything of the nature. The shine of moon guide us in the dark night during night activities. The moon looks like a guardian of all the stars in the sky. It elevates our spirit and invigorates us for better thinking and ideas. It provides us the opportunity of positive thinking for our future. It also provides us the opportunity of spending colorful movements with our beloved. It also provides us the new energy and strength to carry on our next day in a befitting manner.

The entire nature is clothed in the shining silvery robes of the moonlit night. Every object appear to be cheerful and joyful. The flowers producing sweet fragrance, the petals dances upon the tunes of soothing and cool wind. The trees whispering in the breeze really render a charming spectacle. The green fields, flowers, fruits plants and trees dance in a balanced rhythm because of the pleasant wind during moonlit light. Walking in moonlit light is so enjoying and we like to continue it for more and more time.

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February 3

Why Should You Take the Family to a Trampoline Park for a Weekend Outing

ae1Weekends are meant to have fun. So, you should not stay put inside the home and rather go out and enjoy the best times of the week. You should take the family out on an outing to a place where every member can get something to feel engaged and excited at the same time. Rather than taking the family to the same place over and again, you should rather look for something new this time, something not tried earlier. You can try trampolining as it enables a range of unique and energetic activities that will suit each and every member of the family.

Trampoline parks are one of those rare places to offer something for every member of the family. So, be it kids, teens or adults, all will find something to look up to and something to enjoy. Kids love being to these parks and they can spend many non-stop hours having unlimited fun. Similarly, adults get a chance to bring the child in them out in the open. Age hardly matters at such parks as people of any age group can leverage the spongy and soft surface of trampolines. With interconnected trampolines all around, these parks will be totally risk-free for engaging in high-octane trampolining acts.

Visitors can jump and run between trampolines and in the meantime, they can bounce off the walls. Similarly, flying and flipping through the air and throwing the body away into a foam pit filled with soft cubes is a prospect that can delight kids a great deal. Since such acts are not available at home, kids will look to go full-throttle. Given the kind of favourable surface available at such parks, it’d be natural for kids and teens to give aerial stunts a try. So, people doing air-borne tricks is a fairly common – and a regular sight – at such parks.

What’s more, visitors can play their favourite game of dodgeball on an utterly favourable surface. Dodging, escaping, avoiding and ducking the ball thrown at the body will be a great fun as one can display a full range of defending skills without worrying about any harm to the body or limbs. Likewise, hoops installed inside the park can inspire some of visitors to perfect their slam dunking skills and try their hand at basketball. In a way, the park will combine sports and entertainment together to keep visitors engaged for hours. In fact, such parks are also great for those who want to achieve fitness.

More so, visitors can experience the joy of parties, sit inside a café, watch the proceedings outside, order their favourite dishes and hop onto trampolines as and when they feel like jumping. In a sense, visits to a trampoline park is sure to keep visitors hooked for hours. For kids, every money spent at such a place can be nothing less than a bliss since prospects of fun will truly be endless. So, families should plan weekends in a way so that every member can feel entertained in true sense. That’s why, trampolining makes a great sense.

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