June 20

A Rainbow of Book Club Personalities

ae19“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.” Abraham Lincoln

There are many types of book club friends. Different book personalities (and I mean book personalities not daily personas) that make a book club so entertaining and thought provoking. Every book friend brings an interesting spin at discussion time. Some personalities are down right funny and others take some time to adjust to. Even with the ‘rainbow’ of reading personalities let this be your pledge,”We will always be good listeners, non-interrupters, respectful of comments, and finally, embrace our book natures”. If you follow that oath you will find at the end of the rainbow ‘reading as a group’ pot of gold.

Classifying the book type:

The Classic Austen: Prefers to read only novels from the 1800’s

The Flower Child: Wants to change the world in their reading and picks books that, well, will change the world

The Debbie Downer: Likes novels with no HEA (happy ever after)

The Fighter: Will fight to the end to get their book choice picked

The One Hit Wonder: Only loves one or two authors and be damned all others

The YA’er: Can’t seem to grow out of the young adult section (moderation is the key)

The Modern Reader: Any book that is not a new release is not worth reading

The One Up Ya: I read that book, I read that book, wash rinse, repeat

Goldilocks: The book pick is too short, too long or too old

Question’er: Is it depressing? When was it written? Easy read? Hard read? Who picked this book again?

All book club personalities are special and should be celebrated! If you understand that than your book club will last for years to come. What other, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ book personas do you see in your group?

Paperback, e-reader or both?

In our group we have ‘the purist’, ‘the e-reader enthusiast’ and whichever is the less expensive copy, ‘the economist’. ‘The purist’ only purchase paperback or hardcover editions. They come to book club with their novel filled with sticky notes and pages marked with a pencil. ‘The e-reader enthusiast’ arrive with their e-books and all comments highlighted on their Kindle. Last, ‘the economist’ will purchase paperback, hardcover or even an e-book all depending on the best price. Those of us that own e-readers agree that being able to add margin notes that can be edited, highlighting important passages and using the built in dictionary (Jane Eyre anyone?) is worth breaking away from a paperback book now and then.

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